​​Trinity Lutheran School 


  • 1 Year - Trying new apps and projects while learning about digital citizenship; intentional integration into at least 10 lessons
  • 3 Years - Using apps and creating projects with confidence; regular integration into weekly lessons
  • 5 Years and Beyond - Taking risks with instruction and production among a community of digital citizens; regular integration across grade levels and subjects


  • engage our students in active learning
  • enrich their individual learning experience
  • equip them with tools and skills for the future


Trinity Lutheran School integrates iPads as a central element of a comprehensive curriculum in order to provide our kindergarten through grade eight students with a balanced, research-based educational experience rooted in 21st century instruction.

(Seesaw is just one example of an interactive app that augments existing curriculum.)

Measures of Success:

  • Accessibility - Equal access for all students on a regular basis
  • Utilization - Consistent and meaningful use in every classroom
  • Transparency - Regular and honest communication across the community
  • Curriculum Links - Integration of technology into an already rigorous program
  • Goals - Teachers set goals for their students and celebrate successes by sharing
  • Participation - Every teacher, staff member, student, and family engages with the iPad as an educational tool

Why iPads?

  • mobile
  • user-friendly
  • affordable
  • gobal

iPad Integration

With iPads in our classrooms students will:

  • Drive individualized instruction based on personal successes
  • Play an active role in designing and engaging the learning experience
  • Share and receive instant feedback and lesson adjustments
  • Become savvy digital citizens with 21st century skills