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Trinity Lutheran School is excited to offer a unique Visual Arts elective. The Videography elective introduces students to the fundamentals of film and video production. Students will engage in hands-on experiences as they learn the basics of film-making. They will have the opportunity to produce videos in a variety of formats including narratives, documentaries, persuasive or promotional commercials, music videos, and news reports. They will practice shooting videos, using sound recordings, and editing on the iMovie application. Students will experience using green screen, stop motion, iPads and other up-to-date technology. Through this elective students will gain skills in critical thinking, problem solving, storytelling, and communication that will impact their ability to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Students will have opportunities to share a passion for Christ Jesus through creative and coherent communication, as well as apply technology skills to real life situations.

Videography 1
Videography 2
Videography 3
Videography 4
Videography 5
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