Early Learning Program

Introducing the Early Learning Program!

Our Trinity Lutheran School Preschool and Prekindergarten classrooms  are encompassed under the distinct name of the Early Learning Program.                               

Our Preschool 3-year-olds are busy bees with Mrs. Tengbergen in the Beehive (known as the Preschool House).


Dr. Carson's Prekindergarten Class is in the Honu Room. Honu refers to the majestic Hawaiian green sea turtle - a gentle, graceful, skilled, and treasured creature of the islands.

                                                                            We offer half day and full day enrollment for our Early Learning Program. In                                                                                the Preschool classroom, students can attend 5 days a week, 2 days a                                                                                       week, or 3 days a week. Students are also offered the opportunity to attend extended care before and after the normal school day hours. For more information about our Early Learning Program, please contact the school office.