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Tuition and Fees

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

Just like you, we value choice in education, and we understand that sending your children to a private Christian school changes how you prioritize your finances. Trinity Lutheran School continues to be one of the most affordable private schools on Oahu. Mahalo for putting your child's education first. 

Enrollment is open for all families while space is available.

TO ENROLL (per child): January 30, 2019 - March 15, 2019 is $300; after March 15 is $375

  • Non-refundable; required to secure child's place.

  • Enrollment is year-round while space is available. 

School Tuition


Program                 5 Full Days      3 Full Days     2 Full Days     5 Half Days    3 Half Days     2 Half Days

Preschool              $8,200/year  $6,500/yea   $5,000/year  $6,900/year  $5,500/year   $4,300/year

Prekindergarten   $8,200/year   N/A                N/A                 $6,900/year  N/A                  N/A

Grades K-8            $8,700/year   N/A                N/A                  N/A                N/A                  N/A              

Extended Care Options

Program                                     5 days/week    4 days/week     3 days/week     2 days/week      1 day/week    Drop-in

Before School Care                  $700/year         $575/year          $450/year         $300/year          $150/year     $7/day

After School Care (Half Day)   11:30-2:30.              N/A                      N/A                     N/A                     N/A            $17/day

After School Care                     $1,700/year.      $1,400/year       $1,050/year      $700/year          $350/year     $17/day

Both Before and After             $2,200/year      $1,800/year       $1,350/year       $900/year         $450/year       N/A



SLEEPING MATS (preschool only; optional for prekindergarten): $25

GRADUATION FEE (prekindergarten and grade 8): $35

DRINKS (optional): $125 per school year (1% white milk, 2% chocolate milk, or 100% fruit juice)

BAND PROGRAM (elective for grades 5-8): $50 per child, per year (limited instruments available from TLS; see Mr. Bauchle on Registration Day for instrumental rental store locations)

OUTDOOR EDUCATION (grades 5-8; required as part of grade level curriculum):

  • Grade 5 Camp Erdman (tentatively scheduled for September 2019) $200 per student

  • Grade 6 Camp Mokule'ia (tentatively scheduled for September 2019) $300 per student

  • Grades 7 & 8 Outer-island Trip (tentatively scheduled for May 2020) $600 per student (due in two payments of $300, with final payment due March 1, 2020)



ATHLETICS PROGRAM (paid in season): $50 per athlete, per sport (for grades 5 - 8 and grade 4 when available; volleyball and/or basketball)

CREDIT CARD CONVENIENCE FEE: 4% of amount charged

PROGRAM CHANGE FEE: $50 (Applies to preschool, prekindergarten, and extended care program changes made after Registration Day 2018)

LATE PAYMENT FEE: $50 (Applies to tuition and outdoor education; there is a 5-day grace period after the 15th of the month)

RETURNED CHECK CHARGE: $30 (After one returned check (per family), only cash payments will be accepted)

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