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Scholarships & Finacial Aid

Tuition Relief Opportunities through Trinity Lutheran 

Other than the Family Referral Credit, tuition relief opportunities may not be combined.

MULTIPLE CHILD TUITION DEDUCTION*:         5% for 2nd child; 10% for 3rd child; 15% for 4th child

  • Applies to base tuition amount only; applied on Registration Day 2022.

MILITARY FAMILY DISCOUNT*:        5% per student

  • Applies to base tuition amount only; applied on Registration Day 2022.


  • Please inquire within.

FAMILY REFERRAL CREDIT:    $200 per family

  • Applies to base tuition amount only; applied in April 2023.

The Family Referral Credit is available to any current Trinity Lutheran School family that refers a new family to Trinity Lutheran School. This is a per family offer, not a per student offer. In order for a family to receive this credit, the referred family must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be enrolled at TLS in preschool through grade 8. 

  • Must attend TLS for three (3) consecutive school quarters in a school year. 

  • Must list the referring family’s name on the new student’s initial application form to TLS; referring names may not be substituted, altered and/or added to after the initial application submission.

Families will be notified by email of their referral credits. If there is more than one referring family listed on the initial application of the referred student, the referral credit will be split equally among the referring families.


The application period for TLS Financial Aid for the 2020/21 school year is now open. This is for students in kindergarten through grade 8 only. For details about this opportunity, and to apply, please ​​​read the attached document carefully and complete the necessary steps. Financial Aid applications will be processed for students who have re-enrolled or completed new enrollment; applications will not be processed for students who have not enrolled. 



The enrollment fee policy is modified for families applying for TLS Financial Aid, or the Kamehameha Kipona/Pauahi Scholarship Program for preschool, prekindergarten, or elementary scholarship awards; please inquire in school office for details.